Our new brand OMNIE is the complete solution to whole house renewable technologies,

designed to create better health and well-being at home. Our products, technologies and new products

can all be viewed at www.omnie.co.uk


If you would like to know more about the latest news and updates about

OMNIE by Timoleon then you can email projects@omnie.co.uk to or call today on 01382 36 36 05

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An OMNIE system uses renewable technologies and energy efficient systems to minimise waste energy and efficiently produce effective heating that doesn’t compromise the comfort you expect to have.

Timoleon is still an active company manufacturing and supplying Underfloor Heating systems. However our renewable energy systems come under our new renewable brand


Current orders placed with Timoleon will remain the same along with our ordering and delivery process. New orders will be supplied and branded by OMNIE

by Timoleon

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